Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend!! Shopping!

Weekend! So where did i go?? For last weekend, didnt go anywhere far, spend our time in Florence..But on Saturday, we took an hour bus ride to an outlet, called The Mall..Okie, so what outlets you have in the Mall.Its the place where you are tempted, wallets might be empty after a few hours, eyes and mouths open wide when see the price, and you wish you could have it all..hahaha..GUCCI, Salavatore Feragamo, Armani Jeans, Giorgio Armani, TOD and other Italian brands...let the pics tell u..hehe

The Mall..Its all outlet, not like the normal big complexes like KLCC, or Jusco..

To me, it looks more like a campus than a factory outlet..Dont be misled..haha

Beside me, are all the branded outlets..can see, my hands are still empty, didnt buy anything..yet??

Hui Xuan, Yusuf and both colleagues from Malaysia (Thileg and Rizal), all smiling happily :)

I like the location of The Mall..because it is located on a country side place, peaceful, where you will see green, hills, winding roads along the way..peaceful..

That's the Saturday weekend..Hehe..Its expensive, please dont come here so many times..the wallet can have holes..

"nice to see, nice to hold, once see the price, u leave and go" :)

Then, we went for our dinner..Wanted to get something different, and u know what? We found out this Chinese Shop, relli with their China style, the way they talk, serve and the way they count and charge their tax..sigh..anyway, good stuffs especially after 3 weeks not seeing rice, or pork..

so happy, chinese food!!

Fried rice with shrimp

Pork ribs..

Lemon chicken

And definitely, Malaysia still serve the best chinese food to me..Haha, maybe the tongue is tuned to the taste already..Malaysia Boleh!!

And when you are full with main course, what do you hunt for?Haha..Definitely, cakes, or desert rite..Here we are, in an italian restaurant called La Lampara..Tiramisu cake..yum yum


I dont wanna describe the taste much, surely u all will whack me..But then, it just taste "toooooo gooood (like how Russell Peters will say")..FANTASTIC!!


reanaclaire said...

hi son, the mall does indeed look like a campus more than a shopping mall... sure u dint buy anything? for me, no? yo.. how could u resist not buying! lol...
the chinese dishes finally! looks good too esp the pork ribs and the tiramisu! now makes me wanna go grab a piece from Secret Recipe.. hahhaa..

To Glorify Him said...

Mum: Haha, ya looks like a campus rite? Very expensive lol..ya, its gonna be suprise of wht i m getting for u.. :)

Huhu, go n grab, its seriously tasty...and compared to euro, RM is cheaper..haha

kenwooi said...

you're making me hungry.. =P

Livvy said...

the mall the mall

sounds like a hole in wallet soon..
but the concept is very interesting lah :D

Gabriel said...

so nice la you...soooo good. got buy anything for your girlfriend? :D

reanaclaire said...

wah Gab... girlfriend ah.. betul or not.. dont make me happy leh.. hahaha..

Anonymous said...

hahah misled!!
and i like that you actually cam-whored! to see the photos aaron. Glad you are enjoying yourself and all there.

hahaha i love reanaclaire's last comment =P. So yes, aaron, gf?=P

Pui said...

hey , aaron.. the food all look tasty la..

aaron got gf ? Owh... didnt tell me 1, aaron.:)

To Glorify Him said...

kenwooi: LOL..i m oso hungry now..didnt take breakfast..

Livvy: I think girls better dun come, you all wont go back after

Gabriel: =.=...toooo goood in ur words, thanks for starting a joke..

Mum: Gab is definitely joking..pls scold him..haha

jiunnli: I wont forget tht word..misled..haha. If not bcos of tht, I will still pronounce in gf yet la.LOL..gab just started a joke..

Pui: LOL..will tell u when see u in lol..

joe said...

wah lat ser chun. this is FANTASTIC man!! oh, who's the girl? i dun think itz a joke. hehe... dun tell me it's HER....!!!

Gabriel said...

yea yea, it's HER. :) see, he is going to tell pui in switz. mebe u can ask pui later! Pui, remember to share with us after u all back. :)

ChArL3n3 said...

woahhh O_o Hot news!! Wan to pat pat a bit also! Who Who?

Btw, i like that greenery field lah! So relaxing~ I missed looking at green fields.. Then hor, the place looked so clean, compared to here. Hahah!

So that's the chinese shop u mentioned huh.. Not bad, even the pic is making me hungry ady.. LOL! Maybe i am craving for supper now? Hehe.. Take care!

v1nx said...

dude.. found italian girl ha.. cool man! i'm so proud of u! remember to follow the bro code ya :)