Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weather today..special

Hey, today's weather is extreme strange..It's already 7degrees celcius in Florence, Italy although its only October..My colleagues were saying, this temperature only occurs when winter comes..Today is different, colder than normal, hands were stiff, like numb..if you take it out from your pockets, you can feel it..When we talk, there is vapor/steam (i dont know what we call that)..but for me is so cool!Haha, for the first those in korean movies..LOL


Florence, Italy

7 °C
66 %


reanaclaire said...

that is moisture.. damp.. yeah.. smoke coming out of your mouth eventhough u r not smoking.. hahaha.. anyway, take care, son.. wear thicker clothings.. it is better to prevent .. wear the pullover with tshirt and with thick jacket..
(mum sure nag nag one.. reminding again and again.. ) :)

kenwooi said...

so cool! =D
i wanna experience that too.. haha..

Anonymous said...

I remembered i 'died' when the temperature was 9-10c when i was in HK and i was shivering in aus,during summer!!!

i am lousy with cold weathers =(. Take care okay? dont catch a cold =)

To Glorify Him said...

reanaclaire: Yes, mum! I will wear it, in fact, am wearing it yesterday night and today for work..looks nice oso, i think..haha..Today weather not that cold compared to yesterday but still cold..hehe

kenwooi: Haha, bro, yeap! Its nice to try it here..come one day :)

jiunnli: LOL..u cant stand cold?wht u mean by "died"..hehe.ya, taking good care, wearing thick clothes n thanks 4 the concern.gbu

Gabriel said...

hmm...i can't view your picture. i wonder why? anyway, have fun there, enjoy the cold weather. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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