Friday, October 23, 2009

Venice 2!!

Pronto! Ya, as said, I will be continuing my post on Venice..we did not only go to Murano (from 1st post), but we also went to San Marco..San Marco is one of the very main attractions in Venice..a must go place recommended to those who plan to go there..Hehe, remember to ajak me again ya, if u go..LOL

Hey guys!! We gonna reach San Marco..get ready!

Here I am...

Looks the same a??

This is their road..only water..and how they travel??Gondola..

"So sir, how much is the ride?? 80 euro for 6 persons" You must be joking..Hahaha..

We are at Piazza San Marco. Once serving as the official residence of the doge – the city’s governing council - it also was a place to show off the art and architecture of the time. As well as this it housed offices, courts and the city’s infamous prison cells.

I like this place, especially at night as well..Piazza means square..Its a big square, restaurants and bars all around..They have classic and romantic musics being played, by orchestra instruments like violin and cello..I even saw a couple havin their own sweet dance in the middle of the square..hehe

In front of Chiesa

Guess what's these??? Its CHOCOLATES..WOW!

As you walk in Venice, you will see a lot of these small canals..

Then came by to famous shops..everyone knows them..Mum can i enter??Plss....Btw, you know what, I even saw dogs entering, I oso dun have chance..sigh

Last pic for this post, it speaks...

Guess gonna post another one next week, bout Rialto bridge..This weekend, go where leh? Hmmm, I think its time to explore Florence well, because since we came, our weekends were off to sumwhere else, so now its time to stay here in Florence, to know it and enjoy it before we go to Milan, Rome, bla bla bla....switzerland..


Gabriel said...

Louis Vuitton...just go in la...and buy something for me, no need to buy for yourself. :) hehe....joking only....why cannot go in ler?

reanaclaire said... knows to speak italian already hor.. Gab, we also must learn a few words, if not, we blur blur leh when he uses italian with us.. :)

LV? aiyah, go in la.. as gab said.. buy something for us... at least for me, Please??? Fernie will not know the difference even if u buy from pasar malam over there..but this mum here sure knows!!
on the safer note, better dont go in.. your credit card might "burst" in no time.. hahaha...

kenwooi said...

aaron you pose so well already!
level up! =D

joe said...

haha. man... looking good in those pictures. hehe. how r u man? writing this from jb. =) louis vuitton!!! LOL

xox `Lyng` xox said...

wah. haha. not bad wey. you are enjoying yourself much ha.

Anonymous said...

Good to know you're doing well :)

darythlee said...

Spot on wei ken, aaron da poser!

To Glorify Him said...

Gabriel: LOL, ya, I just got a LV hand bag for you..maybe u can use tht for lectures or class..hehe.

Mum: Ya, fernie wont know the difference..she might not know what LV stands for..Haha.I think better get one cheap one for her, hope she doesnt reads my blog..hehe

Kenwooi: Wei Ken, whts up? Me pose well? I thought all the while I have been good?Haha

Joe: Eh bro, before this i dunno wht LV means until i watched Russell Peters..thanks for introducing tht stupid comedy show to me.

Renae: Ya, definitely, europe is the best..i mean of the very best places to come, visit, vacation..and shopping!!remember bring more euros when u come nxt time..hehe

Evelyn: hey, i tried to get some venice water back tho..i tried..

Darythlee: hey jason!!long time no chat ppl keep saying i m poser