Sunday, January 31, 2010

My room...

Hey! Wow, its been quite some time since I update my blog..Well for this post, just want to share some of the start of my sem, but before that, just to show how my new room in UTP is like..haha..

My it tidy enough for a guy?hehe...

My table with the desktop and things arranged well on it.. :)

The bookshelves..a lot of space..but no books..reflects how lazy i am..haha

Anyway, a simple display for u all how my last year room in UTP gonna be air cond btw..just a simple fan..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to school, Aaron

As the title says, I am needed to be back to school, UTP by next Monday..But I am going back to uni tomorrow (Fri)..This is because I need some time to adapt back to school life after 7 months particularly the 3 months in Europe "enjoying"..hahaha

Snowing in city of Florence, Italy

Zurich, Switz

Paris, France

Christmas market in Stuttgart, Germany

London, UK

So people, any ideas, of adapting back to uni life?? And ya, one more year of this...

Welcome back, Aaron!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alice Saves My Money

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back to Ipoh...

Hey! Yeap, I am now back to Ipoh after 32 weeks of being away from home due to my internship in Kuala Lumpur and Florence..Its nice to be back home at least, but not so nice for the past few days as its the dismissal of my beloved grandpa..

My work ended on the 8th Jan, Fri and it was on the day that I received a call from mum saying that grandpa passed away as well..So, some plans of meeting friends that night have to be scrapped off and I made my way back to Ipoh seeing what can I help or do for them...

Well, things are mostly settled and done for now..what my family and myself can do is to remember and cherish him in our hearts as we live on..He was great figure in the family, passing on good values and traditions..He helps a lot in the family in many ways too..Of course, gonna miss my grandpa much...Hmmm, life is like this, I guess..But if we have Christ in us, it will make a huge difference..In Phillipians 1:21 For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Thanks a lot to those who sends their condolences and concerns..

Now, I have one week plus before my new semester begins and its the Final Year First Semester..Woohoo..I made it, last time was seeing seniors being final year and now its my turn, but I still feel I am new, junior and young like the other freshies..I would say my 32 weeks of internship has been a very blessed and valuable opportunity for me..Thank God! Hope the results would turn out fine :)

That's for now, can give me a call, sms or pm me anytime..hehe

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year...

New year celebration was so special..I didn't realise it was new year because on new year eve, I went to the doc, to check up my cough..has been sticking with me for days and irritating..dun worry, not H1N1 from Italy..
Then came back and sleep till 1150pm when mum woke me up to celebrate the countdown together as a family in her room..haha..i was so blur..didnt really realise its already new year and 2010..Its still like normal to me, unlike others talking bout countdowns and so on..guess, things and time past too fast that I didn't notice its new year..Maybe because I was busy with Christmas hols, packing to come back Malaysia, unpacking and settling down in KL and now new year..hehe..
Well, new year, woke up at brunch time, went for wonderful chicken rice which I never tasted for some time..its just awesome..then went shopping with family and after that tong sui..dinner, had it at home, thanks to mum for her cooking!
And now as i m blogging, its so sticky and humid..dont relli like this weather, makes you want to bath every hour..i prefer this..

Let's hope we have this in Malaysia..Happy New Year 2010!