Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back to Ipoh...

Hey! Yeap, I am now back to Ipoh after 32 weeks of being away from home due to my internship in Kuala Lumpur and Florence..Its nice to be back home at least, but not so nice for the past few days as its the dismissal of my beloved grandpa..

My work ended on the 8th Jan, Fri and it was on the day that I received a call from mum saying that grandpa passed away as well..So, some plans of meeting friends that night have to be scrapped off and I made my way back to Ipoh seeing what can I help or do for them...

Well, things are mostly settled and done for now..what my family and myself can do is to remember and cherish him in our hearts as we live on..He was great figure in the family, passing on good values and traditions..He helps a lot in the family in many ways too..Of course, gonna miss my grandpa much...Hmmm, life is like this, I guess..But if we have Christ in us, it will make a huge difference..In Phillipians 1:21 For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Thanks a lot to those who sends their condolences and concerns..

Now, I have one week plus before my new semester begins and its the Final Year First Semester..Woohoo..I made it, last time was seeing seniors being final year and now its my turn, but I still feel I am new, junior and young like the other freshies..I would say my 32 weeks of internship has been a very blessed and valuable opportunity for me..Thank God! Hope the results would turn out fine :)

That's for now, can give me a call, sms or pm me anytime..hehe

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kenwooi said...

enjoy ipoh!! see ya soon! =)