Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Glorious food d' italiano 1!

Looking back at the pictures that i took in Italy last year...wanted to go again to savour all these food..ahhhh!!!

Its pasta stuffed with spinach with barbeque sauce..taste great!

Fiorentina steak..very famous and must try steak in Florence...
Spaghetti alla of the best i have tasted so far...hehe

this is another blast...penne cooked with smoked salmon..walao!

Dinner would not be complete without the typical italian desert, Tiramisu cake..haha

Btw, these food are served in Ristorante La Lampara, Via Nazionale, 36-red, 50123 Firenze, Italia...So if you r thr, check them out!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Durians, here i come!!!

Well, now its the season!! Its the fever, not only for World Cup but also Durians! Haha..Last week, when I was in KL, came here with my relatives, to the famous SS2 Durian again...

i think its call "jantung"..increases ur adrenaline once u taste the first bite..ahaha

myself with the durian...thats how you should eat :)

like mother, like son

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Nursing products

I have some friends doing nursing. Actually, to me, I really think that nursing is a noble and professional career..Every country needs these people because of their heart and willingness in helping the sick and needy people..Hospitals wouldn't be complete without nurses.

For those doing nursing out there, I have some cool and great information to share with you all. A friend of mine doing nursing was struggling where to get her nursing uniforms that could fit her small size..She was so happy when she came across Nursing Scrubs,where she could find scrub sets that fits her size. They have various sizes there too!

Being a nurse always require different sets of uniforms..For those working at the labs or research, they might require lab coats. You can find a lot of Lab Coats even for different genders and embroideries.

So nurses or students pursuing nursing out there, this websites might be helpful for you all!

Father's Day Gift!

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What fun for all Dads with a Charter Mobile.

Hope that you all will work on something, and this is really a cool idea to bless your dad this year! I am sure your dad will love it... Watch a video on this charter app

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From North To South

Just came back from Kuala Lumpur, it was quite a hectic week since the day I came back for holidays from the Uni... From north to south and back to north and tomorrow going north again. LOL... never ending journeys and next week, taking a train down to south...
Wonder when I will be going to east... lol...
Well, tomorrow I will be driving up to see my brother with my mum and hope once again, we will have a wonderful time, savoring!! :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Essays are easy

Coming to think of it, being a student is no easy job sometimes..especially starting from young, primary school..I still remember that I am no good in language subjects, even English, and faced many difficulties especially writing..I am sure, some of you would agree with me..Thank God, I managed to get distinction for my A-levels at

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Adding to that, EssaysReasy provides Research paper help. I guess this would be much suitable for people like university students. they can help students by performing a deep analysis on any topic students require, whether technical or non-technical subjects.

So friends, check it out.. It might be useful for you today!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Going on a highway without toll ticket

Last Tuesday, it was indeed a memorable day in my driving life. I was on the way to Taiping from UTP, therefore I had to exit to the highway through the Jelapang toll..As some of you all might have already know, the highway was reconstructed and toll booths were relocated..There was two booths at the Jelapang exit before this, and they were not functioning as far as I knew..These booths have been redundant for years...

That day, as I drove, I thought it didnt function as well..The pole was high up, so I decided to drove straight all the way hoping for the ticket booth to be at another site. However, as I passed, I heard someone yelling at me, but I just kept pressing the accelerator thinking it was someone else across the road..Feeling weird and see no ticket booths after that, I begin to feel "kan cheong"...Cham, how and what to explain when I exit at Taiping later??

So after few minutes of thinking, decided to call PLUS and confess my sins..haha..They were shocked listening to my case, and thank God, didnt fine me..I just needed to explain at Taiping booth and pay the normal price..Lesson learned..

So, you dont need a SMART Tag or Touch n Go in future..You can just GO and PASS the booth by paying the same price..saves ur time..time reduction, cost efficient!Hahahaha

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back home!Hols!

Its been super long since I last blog. Its always on and off. During the semester, its busy times and so many happenings..Now, at last, its time for another long holidays and going to be my last holidays. No more holidays such as these because I am going to my last semester in uni in July.

Will update from time to time, hopefully. For the mean time, eat,grow fat,sleep and enjoy the holidays..oh yea, go travel! Ciaoz...