Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trade Show

There is an travel fair and exhibition held this weekend, just near to my house. I do not have the time to go but my friend went and told me about the cheap fares and promotion. She was very excited about it, in fact she has booked a cheap fare to Hong Kong and will be there in May this year. Out of curiosity, I asked her ow managed to find the company she bought the air tickets from. She told me that she went around the trade show flooring and chose the one with the best logo mats designs. That was what attracted her to that booth. :)

I agreed with her, we consumers look for good impressions. Decorating the booth is very important, if the layout is dull and unimpressive, it would not draw crowds to them. With the proper trade show carpet that leads to the respective booths, it is worth getting someone professional to do that job.

Besides friendly and pleasant salesperson , a logo canopy also pays a part to impress customers to their booths. Promotions on products is one thing, luring people to the booths is equally important.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Going home...

Oh yes, I am going home once again, its MID SEM BREAK! Huhu..Its so fast and so fun having breaks on and off during the first seven weeks of the semester..Seven more weeks after this break and one sem is gone. Then another sem, and ya, its graduation prayerfully! Hehe..

Love to be back, not much busyness, not much assignments..Just sleep, rest, watch TV and do what you like :) Haha..Weather now is very nice, should take a nap, but can't as I have to leave for lab soon..Catch up again :)

p.s: oh, i m not flying back from overseas uni to home. don't get me wrong, just a pic showing i am going home  :)