Sunday, December 19, 2010

Outlive Your Life, Max Lucado

In this book, Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado, it speaks of us in today's community. It's not a book of just teaching but more of that, it's a book of reminding everyone of us. The question is "Are we willing to put aside our self-centeredness, and have more of God-centeredness in us?"

In order to reach out in today's community, it all starts wit us. The very first thing is us being obedient to God and let Him unshell us, for if we want to be used by Him, we need to turn to Him in surrendered hearts first. We have to learn and devote ourselves in prayer as well.

However, many things that disturbs us in order to help those in need. Sometimes we think they are unfit to be in our clicks for helping them would tarnish our image. We only help those we are comfortable with. There are going to be the outcast, hungry and sick people out there. The choice is on us. And we get to choose. Neglect or rescue? Label them or love them? We know what would Jesus do.

The phrase that strikes me in the book, "None of us can help everyone, but all of us can help someone. And when we help them, we serve Jesus. Who would want to miss a chance to do that?"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Korea Part 2: Nami Island

So this is the next post about Nami Island. This place is highly recommended for those Winter Sonata die-hard fans, people who loves peace, serenity and romance. Haha. I love this place too, during this course of winter, and hope to be back for another season. Lovely place.

The jetty for us to take the boat across to the Island

Myself on the boat, behind me is the Island

Welcomed by an ostrich. Haha

Beautiful isn't it? Its called the Central Whine Pine Tree Lane where nearby Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo had their romantic walk and first kiss.

The pathway...

Myself with beautiful trees around

A family pic together

Haha, with winter sonata promtion board...

Their first kiss place was also highlighted in memory of the movie

While walking, you will get to see many people gathering around the pit of fire to warm themselves. Can guess how cold it is rite?hehe

It was quite rush as we were in a tour and the time spent was limited. Hope to come back here again soon, and my next post would be our skiing adventure! Huhu..stay tuned :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Korea Part 1

So the year end holidays seasons has arrived and this time, my family and I are blessed to go to Korea. Among the places we visited were Incheon, Nami Island, Kim Chi Factory, YongPyong Ski, Seoul and other market places. Just want to share some pictures describing the place and our time there :)

At LCCT checking in

While waiting at the boarding room

After a 6 hour ride, we finally reached Incheon International Airport (from left: sis, aunt, and mum)

Arrival hall in Incheon International Airport

Picture with sis in the airport while waiting for McD take away. All shops were closed so ended up eating McD for dinner..haha

It was already night when we first reached the hotel. So time to sleep and that's our room. Paradise Hotel in Incheon.

Walking to breakfast. Steep roads to climb before having meals. Btw, weather was cold, guess less than 5 degrees celcius.

Haha, simple breakfast, like the usual Chinese style with porridge

Family pic outside the restaurant

After breakfast, we proceeded to our first destination. The Kim Chi factory where we learned how to make their traditional delicacy, Kim Chi. It tastes sour, bit spicy mixed with white cabbage. Guess it doesn't suit much to M'sian taste tho. Hehe

Good job!Kim Chi..hehe

Picture with bro outside the factory

Haha, looks like an actor huh? Then, we were allowed to try on their traditional costume and take photos of ourselves.

With sis

That's our lunch for the first day.Korean steamboat. My bro and I had to wallop the whole thing. Man...

Everyone well sitted on the floor for the lunch. Because it was winter time, so most of the meals are hotly served.

After all those, we proceeded to Nami Island and some sceneries taken along the way

One of the dams. Caught an engineer eyes. Haha...

So what's next? We went to Nami Island. Its where the filming site of the popular Korean drama serial "winter Sonata" was done. I love that place, trees filled with snows and peace all around. Will upload next...