Thursday, December 16, 2010

Korea Part 2: Nami Island

So this is the next post about Nami Island. This place is highly recommended for those Winter Sonata die-hard fans, people who loves peace, serenity and romance. Haha. I love this place too, during this course of winter, and hope to be back for another season. Lovely place.

The jetty for us to take the boat across to the Island

Myself on the boat, behind me is the Island

Welcomed by an ostrich. Haha

Beautiful isn't it? Its called the Central Whine Pine Tree Lane where nearby Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo had their romantic walk and first kiss.

The pathway...

Myself with beautiful trees around

A family pic together

Haha, with winter sonata promtion board...

Their first kiss place was also highlighted in memory of the movie

While walking, you will get to see many people gathering around the pit of fire to warm themselves. Can guess how cold it is rite?hehe

It was quite rush as we were in a tour and the time spent was limited. Hope to come back here again soon, and my next post would be our skiing adventure! Huhu..stay tuned :)


ken said...

so enjoy ah..!

To Glorify Him said...

ken: haha, yea, first time ma, surely enjoy..nice place here.