Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The return of Aaron...

Haha, what a title..well, I see Malaysia again..I am back to Malaysia..Its great to be back really, to meet up with family, rather than just skyping or telephone calls..then, of course, meet up with friends, and surely, the food, and durians..hahaha

On the other hand, its like not enough, hope can stay there longer, but well, things are not meant to be so long this time..God has other plans and am sure one of his plans are "Aaron, finish up your degree first"..okie,"Yes, Lord"..so ya, I am back, adapting to the sweating environment and malaysian culture..

But its realli great, very blessed with the opportunity to be there..And time passed so fast, so quickly..fastest time ever..haha..Some pics to show where I been, before back home..In Florence, Italy...then,

In Zurich, Switzerland...then,

In Paris, France, then...

In Stuttgart, Germany and then,

In London for Christmas before heading back to Malaysia, tanah airku..

Monday, December 21, 2009

Something's Cooking Great!

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Lately I have taken an interest in cooking, something simple like pasta and spaghetti. My Italian friends have been very kind, they teach me how to cook some new dishes which I have not taste before. When I go home in a week's time, I will cook them for my family to taste, won't they be amazed!

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I will be going to London tomorrow to celebrate Christmas with my good friend, Joshua... Praise the Lord.. hope everything will run smoothly and no delays. Will be there for a few days till after christmas and then will fly back to Italy.... time really flies... it is time to go home, back to Malaysia in a week's time.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Arc de Triomphe

So right after Eiffel Tower in the day, we went to another iconic place in Paris which is Arc de Triomphe.

The triumphal arch honors those who fought for France, particularly during the Napolenic Wars..On the inside and the top of the arc there are all of the names of generals and wars fought..

Myself, at the middle of the road..Trust me, the road is all very busy, jammed and all main roads leads to this Arch..The name of the main road where all the lightings were is Champs Elysees..and will post that up the next post..guess what, GE sponsored all their lightings..wahaha, so proud becoming one of their intern..not bad..
Pui, and behind him the flag hanging in the arch..Both of us, middle of the road..and good signs!

Bidding Online?

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eiffel in the night

Hey!! So as promised, this is eiffel at night..My camera is not so clear at night..But anyway, this one of my fav shot of Eiffel tower from a hill side..looks great huh!
Because this year is the 120th Anniversary of Eiffel, they have spectacular lightings on it..
Myself with the tower..looks like disco lights from here..actually I took a video shot of it..its around 10mins show of lights..And Eiffel from the bridge across Seine River..
Nice rite?? So do u feel like coming to Paris after this?Hehe..

Have you bought your presents for Christmas?

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Eiffel in the Day

Okay, after La Defense, Pui and I went to Eiffel Tower..huhu..took a train from La Defense to the tower..The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris and was the tallest building in the world at 300m when built in 1889 for the Exposition Universelle on the centenary of the Revolution. Now, with its aerial, it reaches 321m. So this year is their 120th anniversary, and they have light shows during the night on the tower..very very nice!
The tower has three platforms. A restaurant called the Jules Verne (extremely expensive; reservations absolutely necessary) is on the second platform. The top platform has a bar, souvenir shop, and the (recently restored) office of Gustave Eiffel...didnt manage to up the tower because the line was so so long, so many people..i think need to line up for hours..haha..it was a weekend somemore..

Eiffel tower, is not the place you would wanna miss especially at night too..next up is eiffel in the night..Don't miss the chance to come here when u r in Paris..

Shopping Online?

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La Defense, Paris

Yo, so came back from the torturous or should I say wonderful 36 hours bus ride altogether to n fro from Florence to Paris..Actually, the ride to Paris from Florence is fine for me, although 18hrs, but then, seems fast because have movies on the way, see snow on the way, and sleep of cos..but on the way back, there was this big guy, sits besides me, occupied half of my space frm Paris to Milan which was around 12hrs..torturous relli tht time..haha

So, on the way there, saw some snow, in fact real ones, right in front of me because was passing thru Mont Blanc, France..here we stop at the petrol station.

The bus that i took..And at last, at 930am on Sat morning, reached Paris! Met up with Pui and we made our way to the hostel to put our stuffs, but it was raining, so I prayed, asking God to stop the rain if possible for the next 3 days as I want to enjoy Paris..according to weather forecast, rain is expected for the weekend but thanks be to God, it was superbly fine weather..
Me in the metro station, waiting for the train..
I like this one, reminds me of the movie, Taking to Pelham 123 And our first place to go is La Defense..Its where you can find all the tall and new building designs..one of it was La Grande Arche..I think some of you have seen this before..
My fren, Pui and I

Some Christmas markets on the way to La Grande Arche.. Okay, I am continue my post on this next day..am getting late and sleepy, wanna go bed first..stay up next for...

Camaro anyone?

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Some updates..

Hey! Today is friday, 4th Dec meaning another weekend is coming..cool! This weekend is the weekend that I have been most looking forward for because I practically have a 4 days break till Tuesday, 8th. And on the 8th, they will have a lot of Christmas bazaars and lighting around town, so hope its gonna be fun..

Well, for this long weekend, will be heading to France to meet up with Pui, and tour around Paris..But, the problem is will b taking an 18 hours bus ride from Florence straight up to Paris..Departing later in the afternoon, taking a half day off from office..Will reach Paris tomorrow, Sat at 845am..so pray for journey mercies ya and protection thru the time thr..

Thts all for now, I guess have to start checkin some places to go in Paris, haha and do some work before I leave for the weekend..Ciao tutti!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The night in Zurich..

Hi! Will share with you all the night in Zurich..overlook the bridge is the Fraumunster..Its a mix of Gothic and Romanesque design, this church completes with a towering spire..
Taken in front of a shop..nice deco they have, and very nice clothes for kids..
And here you see the lights in the tube..the lights are actually propagating in a wave form, awesome designs..
Oh ya, its already December!!Christmas month..here in europe, christmas celebration starts relli early..decorations were hung frm buildings to buildings, christmas trees were set up..now waiting for some now(hopefully)..haha..And girls always get to be in the pic more than the guys..lol
Behind me is the Grossmunster..The two tall towers of this beautiful cathedral are one of the most identifiable sights in Zurich..
Catch up soon..will update from time to time...hehehe..Grazie mille :)