Wednesday, December 9, 2009

La Defense, Paris

Yo, so came back from the torturous or should I say wonderful 36 hours bus ride altogether to n fro from Florence to Paris..Actually, the ride to Paris from Florence is fine for me, although 18hrs, but then, seems fast because have movies on the way, see snow on the way, and sleep of cos..but on the way back, there was this big guy, sits besides me, occupied half of my space frm Paris to Milan which was around 12hrs..torturous relli tht time..haha

So, on the way there, saw some snow, in fact real ones, right in front of me because was passing thru Mont Blanc, we stop at the petrol station.

The bus that i took..And at last, at 930am on Sat morning, reached Paris! Met up with Pui and we made our way to the hostel to put our stuffs, but it was raining, so I prayed, asking God to stop the rain if possible for the next 3 days as I want to enjoy Paris..according to weather forecast, rain is expected for the weekend but thanks be to God, it was superbly fine weather..
Me in the metro station, waiting for the train..
I like this one, reminds me of the movie, Taking to Pelham 123 And our first place to go is La Defense..Its where you can find all the tall and new building of it was La Grande Arche..I think some of you have seen this before..
My fren, Pui and I

Some Christmas markets on the way to La Grande Arche.. Okay, I am continue my post on this next getting late and sleepy, wanna go bed first..stay up next for...


claire said...

that building looks unique.. paris is indeed a wonderful place to go? i wonder how u can walk 3 hours.. hahhaa..

ChArL3n3 said...

Woah ^O^ Amazing Paris :D