Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eiffel in the night

Hey!! So as promised, this is eiffel at night..My camera is not so clear at night..But anyway, this one of my fav shot of Eiffel tower from a hill side..looks great huh!
Because this year is the 120th Anniversary of Eiffel, they have spectacular lightings on it..
Myself with the tower..looks like disco lights from here..actually I took a video shot of it..its around 10mins show of lights..And Eiffel from the bridge across Seine River..
Nice rite?? So do u feel like coming to Paris after this?Hehe..


reanaclaire said...

Another beautiful night scene... yes, hv to wait for yr video when u come back.. hahaha.. i wanna see...

ChArL3n3 said...

Wah, so ngam one, you go that time is 120th anniversary. Bestnyerr~ Hehe.. How many times they change the types of light? 120? haha