Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ready to Fly...

Hmm...Yeap, I am flying to Florence, Italy tonight..Gonna be on a 12 hours journey before i reach land again..I will be going there for a 3 months internship with General Electric Oil and Gas (Nuovo Pignone)..I asked myself, "Am I ready?" Well, I guess I have to trust God and put my faith in Him..Thank Him for this divine opportunity and ya, pack my bags, get things ready and go.."Here I am, send me"

Hereby, wanna share a song with you all..the tile of this song is "Ready to Fly"..Its a seventh studio album by contemporary christian music group called FFH. This song didn't bring much notice or meaning to me before this, but as the time approach for me to fly to a foreign land, where God's grace is all I need, this song inspired my heart and prayerfully, I am ready to soar with Him above everything.

I've been here grounded far too long
I'm ready to see the open wide
Ready to sing a different song
I've seen my troubles 'long the way
I want to sail towards the sun
I want to turn another page
I'm on my way

I'm ready to fly,
I'm ready to soar
I'm ready to leave this world behind.
I'm ready to open up the door
I'm ready to fly,
I'm ready to spread my wings across the sky
I think it's time
I'm ready to go
I'm ready to fly.

You've told me I could rise above
Like an eagle on the wind
I can glide upon Your love
But I feel the pull of gravity
And it's a weight upon my shoulders
i can't stay here any longer
I've gotta be free

And it's been so long
Since i've seen the bright morning sun
Through the early morning horizon
And it's been so long
Since i've felt the air under my wings
And seen all of these things from above

If you all would like to hear this song, visit this link:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

God, church and my CG :)

Firstly, wanna thank God for divine appointment for me to join meet this group of young, great, & happening CG members in DUMC..When I came to KL last June for my internship, I was praying that God will lead me to a church and of course a CG too..Well, before this, I have been to this church as my uncle has brought me here..When I came to KL, God had provide the LRT and ease my transportation, and later a friend (Josiah) to fetch me without fail every sunday morning for church and friday night for CG..Thanks bro!

Although it has only been 4 months since I came to this church, this church has blessed me in many ways from learning and receiving his words about community transformation, bible reading plan and journalling to sharing bout his words in CG and even fellowships and birthday celebrations too..Really feel thankful and grateful for this BIG God in my life..Thank you Jesus!

To my CG members (Joshua, Thaddeus, Hsien Yew, Keat Meng, Angeline, Sherrina, Jovy, Joanna, Jiunn Li, Evelyn, Josiah and Suzen), thanks a lot for your warmth welcome for me to join and belong to the CG..Personally, want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you all for your encouragement, prayer and even the fellowships we had at mamaks after CG...Can say that this is one of the very best CG I had joined and felt that sense of belonging as a family of Christ..Ya, so lets keep in touch, contact, sms, email or even FB after this.. Ephesians 4:16 From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.

Thank you God! Thanks people!!

See you all again k, after 3 months..Take care and God bless :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Coming Home...

Yeap!! I am heading back home which is in Ipoh tomorrow early morning..I am sure, there will be pretty much jam..Well, God, give me patience for the journey and also good rest for tonight...

Can't wait to be back home with family, relatives and of coz, the great food there ya..Though its only 4 days, but am sure gonna be fulfilled rite, mum? Hehe..

For those who are celebrating Raya, Selamat Hari Raya and enjoy your time with your loved ones..For those who are travelling, drive safely, check your cars and pray for safe journey :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Last weekend, Saturday, 5/9, was a day of rest for me..Hehe..Because before this, my Saturdays have been quite occupied with shopping and outings..So, that day, woke up at 1pm!!! So cool...Then bath and get change, went down for lunch...That evening, a friend of mine from Ipoh, Yong Kim came to my place, we had some chat and went to PJ Seksyen 17 for dinner together with Billy, Dody, Phoon, Hui Xuan and Kee Siong..Was hawker streets there and they serve different varities of food..

Well, after that dinner, we were still feeling hungry and we started asking "where next?"..Then I suggested Bro John burger in Uptown Damansara Utama..Seriously, the burgers were good man! Better than Ramly's..Recommended by CG members..went there once, and was this time went back again..Reasonable price too!

Guess what, time was around 10pm, and we were thirsty...Ok, where next??Haha..They suggested ss2 murni..Alright, here we go to Murni's and have our special drinks there such as Mango Special and we ordered Roti Mozzarella Cheese Bacon Nan..Thats awesome! My friends were saying, 3 meals per night, from dinner till supper..Haha!!

On Sunday morning, went to church...Was a fruitful day in church, going together with Kee Siong and Hui Xuan..Glad to see them able to come along..Hope to see them for the coming Sunday's too..There is this one thing Pastor Chris was saying at the end, 1. God is good 2. God is in control 3. God will bring it to it has been with me, reminding me, encouraging me for the week and ahead too, that in everything we trust Him!

In the afternoon, after church and lunch, went to One Utama to watch Murderer..The show is ok, not too bad and funny too...But i think Orphan is still better..u all who are reading agree with me?? For that evening, had 2 places for dinner...Again, 2 meals for dinner, so how to diet..Sad and pathetic..But thank God in the end, for the glorious food, good health that he has blessed us with that enable us to enjoy his blessings..Great week ahead!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Penang (Day 2)

After a good night rest in the hotel, we woke up the next day, and its already time for lunch..Haha..Imagine how long I sleep..We headed to New World Food Court for our "brunch"..Ordered quite a number different varieties of food to be shared..

Penang Curry Prawn Mee

Red Bean Soup

In cantonese is called "Sah Kok"..wonder what it is called in tell..Haha

Yam cake

Chee Cheong Fun served with Chicken Chop and Chicken Feet..wonderful

"Sang Min"..crispy fried noodles eaten with the sauce..



Those food were fabulous..Just nice and enough to compensate the breakfast we missed plus lunch as well..2 in 1..cheaper, more economical rite? Haha..Then, we went to Queensbay Mall for some jalan-jalan and in the evening, went to see a 2nd hand car dealer..Time pass very fast and it was time for dinner already..For dinner, we were taken to Kimberley Street..It's a hawker street there, car passing along a narrow road, foods being set up and served by the side of the road..I wonder how polluted the food are, but anyway, that is what that gave the additional "chun" taste to the food rite?

The famous Penang Kuey Teow Th'ng served with.....

Chicken and eggs...and...

Chicken feet...

Also ordered "bah chang" dumpling

Lastly, kuey chap (pork, pork and pork)...sorry to my muslim friends out there :)

See the food on the table..Haha..

That's all for the day..Our stomaches were very full, dont feel like eating anymore for the day...Haha..Went back to the hotel to rest and took a short nap because too tired and also of the food..Anyhow, woke up around 10pm and here we go for supper again outside the hotel..

Everytime when we are in Penang, its all about eating, walking and eating again..Next time should go to the pool and swim first before another round..Haha..Hope to go again, and definitely for its delicious and glorious food!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Penang (Day 1)

So, here comes the pictures for the jalan-jalan cari makan in Penang..When we first arrived in Penang, it was around 12pm, so I suggested of eating Laksa and Cendol at Penang Road..These are the ones you should not miss when comes to this road..Here we go

Char Koay Teow

The famous Penang Laksa


So, after lunch, we adjourned back to the hotel to check in and rest...Then, at 5pm, we felt hungry already and our stomachs are making noises..then I suggested to go Chili's for dinner since Ipoh don't have it..And there we left for Chili's in Gurney Plaza

Family pic while waiting for the food to arrive..

Fajitas Combo served with perfection

Big mouth burger..Really need a big mouth for it..Haha

Chicken grill served with mashed potato and mushroom sauce..Just nice

Lastly, the desert for the day..Molten chocolate cake (Warm chocolate cake with chocolate fidge filling)

After Chili's, we went for some walk in the mall to relax and to let the food digest..My pants was too tight already, almost couldn't breathe..Haha..Well, we walked till around 8pm, and mum suggested for dinner..I was like "Dinner???" Then, what was the meal in Chili's..she said its pre-dinner..No comments after that =.= Haha..Well, we moved on to Free School Garden for our dinner..These are what my mum ordered...

Black pepper chicken, cooked in aluminium foil..Recommended

Curry fish

Both different type of lala's

And also, a must try famous pan cake in Penang

Ya, so roughly that's for our day 1 in Penang..When come with us, ita all about food and makan..That's why quite fat..Sigh, makes me feel guilty..Haha..Stay on for day 2 ya :)