Friday, September 4, 2009

Penang (Day 2)

After a good night rest in the hotel, we woke up the next day, and its already time for lunch..Haha..Imagine how long I sleep..We headed to New World Food Court for our "brunch"..Ordered quite a number different varieties of food to be shared..

Penang Curry Prawn Mee

Red Bean Soup

In cantonese is called "Sah Kok"..wonder what it is called in tell..Haha

Yam cake

Chee Cheong Fun served with Chicken Chop and Chicken Feet..wonderful

"Sang Min"..crispy fried noodles eaten with the sauce..



Those food were fabulous..Just nice and enough to compensate the breakfast we missed plus lunch as well..2 in 1..cheaper, more economical rite? Haha..Then, we went to Queensbay Mall for some jalan-jalan and in the evening, went to see a 2nd hand car dealer..Time pass very fast and it was time for dinner already..For dinner, we were taken to Kimberley Street..It's a hawker street there, car passing along a narrow road, foods being set up and served by the side of the road..I wonder how polluted the food are, but anyway, that is what that gave the additional "chun" taste to the food rite?

The famous Penang Kuey Teow Th'ng served with.....

Chicken and eggs...and...

Chicken feet...

Also ordered "bah chang" dumpling

Lastly, kuey chap (pork, pork and pork)...sorry to my muslim friends out there :)

See the food on the table..Haha..

That's all for the day..Our stomaches were very full, dont feel like eating anymore for the day...Haha..Went back to the hotel to rest and took a short nap because too tired and also of the food..Anyhow, woke up around 10pm and here we go for supper again outside the hotel..

Everytime when we are in Penang, its all about eating, walking and eating again..Next time should go to the pool and swim first before another round..Haha..Hope to go again, and definitely for its delicious and glorious food!


reanaclaire said...

Now back in IPOH, miss the penang food... hahaha..

Gabriel said...

i am so hungry good food in utp...

kenwooi said...

how did you snap such good pics?
dslr ar? =P

To Glorify Him said...

Mum: Ya, lets go once again...Cant wait to fill the stomach

Gabriel: Hungry now.........UTP serves good food, so many nice ones..

kenwooi: Yeap, from my friend, Gabriel..he has good dslr and good camera skills