Thursday, September 10, 2009


Last weekend, Saturday, 5/9, was a day of rest for me..Hehe..Because before this, my Saturdays have been quite occupied with shopping and outings..So, that day, woke up at 1pm!!! So cool...Then bath and get change, went down for lunch...That evening, a friend of mine from Ipoh, Yong Kim came to my place, we had some chat and went to PJ Seksyen 17 for dinner together with Billy, Dody, Phoon, Hui Xuan and Kee Siong..Was hawker streets there and they serve different varities of food..

Well, after that dinner, we were still feeling hungry and we started asking "where next?"..Then I suggested Bro John burger in Uptown Damansara Utama..Seriously, the burgers were good man! Better than Ramly's..Recommended by CG members..went there once, and was this time went back again..Reasonable price too!

Guess what, time was around 10pm, and we were thirsty...Ok, where next??Haha..They suggested ss2 murni..Alright, here we go to Murni's and have our special drinks there such as Mango Special and we ordered Roti Mozzarella Cheese Bacon Nan..Thats awesome! My friends were saying, 3 meals per night, from dinner till supper..Haha!!

On Sunday morning, went to church...Was a fruitful day in church, going together with Kee Siong and Hui Xuan..Glad to see them able to come along..Hope to see them for the coming Sunday's too..There is this one thing Pastor Chris was saying at the end, 1. God is good 2. God is in control 3. God will bring it to it has been with me, reminding me, encouraging me for the week and ahead too, that in everything we trust Him!

In the afternoon, after church and lunch, went to One Utama to watch Murderer..The show is ok, not too bad and funny too...But i think Orphan is still better..u all who are reading agree with me?? For that evening, had 2 places for dinner...Again, 2 meals for dinner, so how to diet..Sad and pathetic..But thank God in the end, for the glorious food, good health that he has blessed us with that enable us to enjoy his blessings..Great week ahead!


reanaclaire said...

wah.. B, really enjoyable huh... eat eat till drop.. in no time u might become the pic in my blog once again..hahaa... this time it is not my fault, ok.. KL's fault! hahaa...

Take care B.. see u next week!

huixuan said...

yea wei........ =D how to diet? keep gaining weight. and yes orphan is better than murderer

kenwooi said...

ss2 murni! =D

joe said...

orphan!! cmon man. 120 kg dy..