Monday, June 22, 2009


Hi! As I have mentioned in my previous post, will update and share with u all my work place and the personal laptop given to me for these 8 months..hehe..Nah, this is it

Well, its a Dell from now on, got some things to do and log on when free..hehe..kill time as well..Huhu, pray tht tomorrow will be another great day as work awaits for me in the office :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

My 3rd week of internship..

Hey people!

Wanna share and update my blog because just realized didn't update it for quite some time already..Haha..Anyway,just finished my 3rd week of internship, and for this week, was kind of relaxing because products overview class has finished..Oh yea, we were given laptops yesterday and now, we can log on to the internet, and even get more information already..hopefully, will not chat more than do work..hahaha..will update the picture of my laptop next post :)

Then for the weekend, on friday night, had dinner with friends at wangsa maju here and then Gabriel had an idea of going to Bintang Walk as he wants to check out the hotel rates for his family who is coming on the other day. While walking and taking photos, we suddenly met up with this guy

The Gold Man can take picture with him but pay him according to how much you want...Then at the end of the road, you will meet his "brother", a static one...

The silver man

Really salute them, need to paint themselves up everyday..Haha..

Friday, June 12, 2009

Puzzle Completed..


For those who read my blog, as u all know last friday, my intern mates and I bought a puzzle..In less than 6 days, we completed it..Hehe..Thanks to Hui Xuan, Alia and Yusuf who contributed the most to the success of this puzzle..I just add the wrong pieces to it and gave them moral support..Haha..Well Done people!

Spot any difference or missing pieces?

I am also not sure where it had gone..Hahaha

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Weekend


Just want to share and update you people about my weekends..Well, mainly its about food, food and glorious food..haha..On friday night, Gabriel and I went to San Fransisco Steakhouse in Suria KLCC because want to try something new and have fellowship since he is going back to uni soon..Initially, wanted to go to Chili's but then have to wait for 40minutes, so we left cos cant tahan..too hungry already..

He ordered the sizzling tornedos which is a steak, juicy one...hehe
Whereas I ordered the combo fajitas which has grilled beef and chicken..this is it..Eaten together with cheese and pancake layers..

The next day, on Saturday, went out with friends to this place near Dang Wangi for their famous pan mee..Its really good stuff for those who love spicy stuffs..The pan mee is served with homemade dry chilis..It really drives and makes u sweat while eating..hehe

pan mee

Friday, June 5, 2009

Puzzle Day..

Hi again! Yo!

I am sure you all will be wondering what it means by "Puzzle Day"...Well, office is as usual. Although some companies have their holidays today due to Yang di-Pertuan Agong's birthday tomorrow, my company will have its holiday on Monday. So, this morning, we had class with our engineer as usual, and before we left for lunch, he told us that, afternoon class will be cancel as there is a meeting for him.

So, my intern mates and I went out for lunch at Public Bank there, and after that, Yusuf went for his Friday prayer. Then, Alia, Hui Xuan and I went to the Petronas Twin Towers souvenir shop to kill time..And as a result of that visit, we ended up buying this..

Since our afternoon is not occupied and we wanted to stay in the office, we did our puzzle. Actually this puzzle has its purpose..We wanted to give it to GE at the end of out internship here as a token of appreciation. So four of us did it secretly in the office and after half an hour, we completed the frame..tadaa..

Will update you all more on it..hehe :) bye!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Internship

Hi there!

For few days, didn't update my blog..felt lazy already even though i just started it..hehe..that's bad rite? But anyway, this blog is to share about my first few days of work in GE..

Well, to start off with, GE is located at Level 50, Tower 2, Petronas Twin Towers..So for "kampung boy" like me=LAT, its my second time to the tower on last Sunday night..My first time was not long ago, it was just last week where I came with Hui Xuan, Alia, Yusuf (intern mates) together with Mr. Affendy to meet GE managers.

Petronas Twin Towers (first time seeing it at night)

Well, on the first day of work, was pretty excited as its the first time..I am sure some of my intern mates also feel the same. Saw a lot of utpians in KLCC, as if UTP the second. Went up to the office before 9am, and then started off with briefing and sharing about company's overview and structure. Then, it was time for lunch. Since Suria is in Petronas Twin Towers itself, after lunch, usually will go for window shopping..For the past few days, there had a Lego exhibition in Suria, so took a few pictures. This is one of it:

Colosseum made by Lego (look at the kid reaction behind the colosseum)

Will walk a few rounds, cant buy because too expensive d..Managed to watch Terminator Salvation with Billy, Phoon, Kee Siong, Hui Xuan and Gabriel after work..Nice place to be..Lastly, here is the place of where I work.

GE (General Electric)

So, that's basically bout it..will try to update more :)