Friday, June 19, 2009

My 3rd week of internship..

Hey people!

Wanna share and update my blog because just realized didn't update it for quite some time already..Haha..Anyway,just finished my 3rd week of internship, and for this week, was kind of relaxing because products overview class has finished..Oh yea, we were given laptops yesterday and now, we can log on to the internet, and even get more information already..hopefully, will not chat more than do work..hahaha..will update the picture of my laptop next post :)

Then for the weekend, on friday night, had dinner with friends at wangsa maju here and then Gabriel had an idea of going to Bintang Walk as he wants to check out the hotel rates for his family who is coming on the other day. While walking and taking photos, we suddenly met up with this guy

The Gold Man can take picture with him but pay him according to how much you want...Then at the end of the road, you will meet his "brother", a static one...

The silver man

Really salute them, need to paint themselves up everyday..Haha..


reanaclaire said... much to pay to take photographs of them? any amount also can? good de... now like very western concept....

joe said...

haha. this is cool man. y didn't pose with him?

Anonymous said...

wow gold and silver man..
geng.. =D

Cindy said...

I saw a gold man during my vacation in Gold Coast too! They move and act like a robot!