Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Weekend


Just want to share and update you people about my weekends..Well, mainly its about food, food and glorious food..haha..On friday night, Gabriel and I went to San Fransisco Steakhouse in Suria KLCC because want to try something new and have fellowship since he is going back to uni soon..Initially, wanted to go to Chili's but then have to wait for 40minutes, so we left cos cant tahan..too hungry already..

He ordered the sizzling tornedos which is a steak, juicy one...hehe
Whereas I ordered the combo fajitas which has grilled beef and chicken..this is it..Eaten together with cheese and pancake layers..

The next day, on Saturday, went out with friends to this place near Dang Wangi for their famous pan mee..Its really good stuff for those who love spicy stuffs..The pan mee is served with homemade dry chilis..It really drives and makes u sweat while eating..hehe

pan mee

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Anonymous said...

lol food..
steak house! =D