Friday, June 12, 2009

Puzzle Completed..


For those who read my blog, as u all know last friday, my intern mates and I bought a puzzle..In less than 6 days, we completed it..Hehe..Thanks to Hui Xuan, Alia and Yusuf who contributed the most to the success of this puzzle..I just add the wrong pieces to it and gave them moral support..Haha..Well Done people!

Spot any difference or missing pieces?

I am also not sure where it had gone..Hahaha


Anonymous said...

wow nice..
yeah i saw some missing slots.. lol =)

reanaclaire said...

wah..very geng la u all... got missing pieces meh? hahaa... better buy one more to add in the missing ones.. so already framed up? better frame it somewhere else..KLCC too exp la..

Gabriel said...

i think u swallowed the two pieces...:P

joe said...

haha. nice nice. great job aaron. yeah. lol! i think aaron ate both the pieces

Anonymous said...

good job aaron! i probably would die just by looking at those millions of unmatched pieces. anyway i see that you've linked my blog to yours! thats nice =)

p.s:update laa brutherr! =)