Friday, June 5, 2009

Puzzle Day..

Hi again! Yo!

I am sure you all will be wondering what it means by "Puzzle Day"...Well, office is as usual. Although some companies have their holidays today due to Yang di-Pertuan Agong's birthday tomorrow, my company will have its holiday on Monday. So, this morning, we had class with our engineer as usual, and before we left for lunch, he told us that, afternoon class will be cancel as there is a meeting for him.

So, my intern mates and I went out for lunch at Public Bank there, and after that, Yusuf went for his Friday prayer. Then, Alia, Hui Xuan and I went to the Petronas Twin Towers souvenir shop to kill time..And as a result of that visit, we ended up buying this..

Since our afternoon is not occupied and we wanted to stay in the office, we did our puzzle. Actually this puzzle has its purpose..We wanted to give it to GE at the end of out internship here as a token of appreciation. So four of us did it secretly in the office and after half an hour, we completed the frame..tadaa..

Will update you all more on it..hehe :) bye!


joe said...

man... ur intern so fun ar

Anonymous said...