Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Internship

Hi there!

For few days, didn't update my blog..felt lazy already even though i just started it..hehe..that's bad rite? But anyway, this blog is to share about my first few days of work in GE..

Well, to start off with, GE is located at Level 50, Tower 2, Petronas Twin Towers..So for "kampung boy" like me=LAT, its my second time to the tower on last Sunday night..My first time was not long ago, it was just last week where I came with Hui Xuan, Alia, Yusuf (intern mates) together with Mr. Affendy to meet GE managers.

Petronas Twin Towers (first time seeing it at night)

Well, on the first day of work, was pretty excited as its the first time..I am sure some of my intern mates also feel the same. Saw a lot of utpians in KLCC, as if UTP the second. Went up to the office before 9am, and then started off with briefing and sharing about company's overview and structure. Then, it was time for lunch. Since Suria is in Petronas Twin Towers itself, after lunch, usually will go for window shopping..For the past few days, there had a Lego exhibition in Suria, so took a few pictures. This is one of it:

Colosseum made by Lego (look at the kid reaction behind the colosseum)

Will walk a few rounds, cant buy because too expensive d..Managed to watch Terminator Salvation with Billy, Phoon, Kee Siong, Hui Xuan and Gabriel after work..Nice place to be..Lastly, here is the place of where I work.

GE (General Electric)

So, that's basically bout it..will try to update more :)


reanaclaire said... impressive!! very proud of u...
take care...God bless and remember to glorify Him!

joe said...

fooh! GE man.. aiya. so nice. can meet them again some more

Anonymous said...

yo aaron ... guess u have a great time there. I've added you to my blogroll. take care!

xox `Lyng` xox said...

Wah somebody so smart lorrrrrr! XD

Anonymous said...

you look so handsome.. haha..
eh.. take care all the best ya!
keep in (blog) touch! ;)

Andy Lai Ser Wei said...

why no chatbox??? so fast watch terminator already, i want to watch but gt no time no watch, next week my turn to watch :)

yongkim said...

congrats bro. =D one word -smart. another one -hahaa.

Jim said...

fuyo so handsome. :D