Sunday, December 19, 2010

Outlive Your Life, Max Lucado

In this book, Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado, it speaks of us in today's community. It's not a book of just teaching but more of that, it's a book of reminding everyone of us. The question is "Are we willing to put aside our self-centeredness, and have more of God-centeredness in us?"

In order to reach out in today's community, it all starts wit us. The very first thing is us being obedient to God and let Him unshell us, for if we want to be used by Him, we need to turn to Him in surrendered hearts first. We have to learn and devote ourselves in prayer as well.

However, many things that disturbs us in order to help those in need. Sometimes we think they are unfit to be in our clicks for helping them would tarnish our image. We only help those we are comfortable with. There are going to be the outcast, hungry and sick people out there. The choice is on us. And we get to choose. Neglect or rescue? Label them or love them? We know what would Jesus do.

The phrase that strikes me in the book, "None of us can help everyone, but all of us can help someone. And when we help them, we serve Jesus. Who would want to miss a chance to do that?"


JustBummin said...

What a wonderful review of Outlive Your Life. I'm actually working with Thomas Nelson, Max Lucado's publisher, and the new Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible. It's the companion Bible to Outlive Your Life. If you liked Outlive Your Life, then you would really enjoy this Bible. It's outstanding!

To Glorify Him said...

wow, thats good..sounds can i get the bible?

JustBummin said...

Sorry for the delay. I was away over the holidays. You can get the Bible from anyone that sells books. I also noticed that you are a Booksneeze participant. You might check there as I believe they were giving some away to bloggers, such as yourself. We also just launched a Lucado Life Lessons app for iPhone and Android. It's completely free, so if you have one of those phones, you can get the app that contains 365 daily life lessons taken straight from this Bible. Enjoy!

To Glorify Him said...

thanks a lot for the suggestion!it will be good help :)

Anonymous said...


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