Thursday, March 11, 2010

Going home...

Oh yes, I am going home once again, its MID SEM BREAK! Huhu..Its so fast and so fun having breaks on and off during the first seven weeks of the semester..Seven more weeks after this break and one sem is gone. Then another sem, and ya, its graduation prayerfully! Hehe..

Love to be back, not much busyness, not much assignments..Just sleep, rest, watch TV and do what you like :) Haha..Weather now is very nice, should take a nap, but can't as I have to leave for lab soon..Catch up again :)

p.s: oh, i m not flying back from overseas uni to home. don't get me wrong, just a pic showing i am going home  :)


smallkucing said... wonder someone is keen to come's due to you ah :p

reanaclaire said...

Welcome home son..see u in a couple of prayerfully!
Kathy, he is not flying home.. just a 45 min drive from Ipoh.. hahaha..

kenwooi said...

lol the pic so unrelated.. haha.. how long will you be in ipoh? =)