Thursday, June 24, 2010

Durians, here i come!!!

Well, now its the season!! Its the fever, not only for World Cup but also Durians! Haha..Last week, when I was in KL, came here with my relatives, to the famous SS2 Durian again...

i think its call "jantung"..increases ur adrenaline once u taste the first bite..ahaha

myself with the durian...thats how you should eat :)

like mother, like son

For more information, check it out at!!!


smallkucing said...

Dies...1st saw in Claire's in your blog..nasib baik I have a tub of durian in the fridge. Bought from Pasar malam last night. Else really kepunan lo

reanaclaire said...

hahaha.. my son put website some more.. no free durians one la...
kathy..u very fast come here to admire durians..

ChArL3n3 said...

wahh.. sad sad.. can see cannot eat. i dun have any durian in my house. HAHAHA!! someone come and join me eat durian please..!! AHhahaa~

To Glorify Him said...

smallkuching: haha, yea, its a big food temptation..still have 2 big tupperwares at home..

mum: we got a big mission to complete, have to finish them asap

charlene:hehe, can ask those kt ppl thr for the time being..hehe