Friday, October 9, 2009

From room to work..

Ya, many people have asked, how is my room like..its a simple room, with a living hall, small kitchen, mini tv, a toilet and a room with 2 single beds..Not to boast ya, just wanna share the pics :)

The living room, complete with a table, chairs and the tv..If you can see, the mini kitchen with fridge is there too..

As you can see, zoom to the kitchen..hehe..Do not be misled, am not cooking, just that I never put back the utensils to the cupboard after washing..

This is where I have my hot shower..hehe

Toilet overall..

And my bedroom..

Its quite big for me, esepcially one person to stay if any of you would like to come and tumpang, do come..hahaha

Our first day of work..waited at the wrong bus stop

Still have time for snap shot even wrong bus

This should be the right way..found it after asking people..

My workstation in Nuovo Pignone..

This is where i hang my blazer

So, from room to office...hehe :)


Gabriel said...

wow...haha... very clean and neat. quite high class, seems very comfortable ler..

Raymond said...

wakao.. it seems so much like a hotel room.. and u need two beds?? I wonder who the other one is for... XP

To Glorify Him said...

Gabriel: Haha..ya, comfortable to me definitely..its nice to be back home

Raymond: The other one for guest..anyone who would like to come..hehe

reanaclaire said... come my comment is missing.. i forgotten what i said already..hahaa.. must be the cold air blowing my comment away...
hey, i nearly didnt recognise u in coat.. so smart one..haha.. not bad ...

DiF View said...

Wow. You got to stay there for months? This is too great, friend.

ChArL3n3 said...

O_o great one there wei.. superb! You're really enjoying there. Glad to hear that! I wan to go! I go stay hx one, but no flight ticket and no leave :P wakakaka.. This is just too great, with a mini kitchen! :P

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

wow.. gila ar.. very nice..

xox `Lyng` xox said...

nice. bet you are enjoying yourself there. do take care though.

To Glorify Him said...

Mum: Haha, thanks mum! Ya, mebe the wind is too strong and blown away..its cold in the morning and night..but still can stand it

DifView: Ya, fren..this is relli a blessing from the Almoghty..God is great!

Charlene: Haha, ya, come la..she welcome u to stay oso..the tickets a..hmmm, try to find the promotions one :)

John: Ya, i was shocked too, when enter the room..thought it was just some hotel, nvr thought gonna be hotel like

xox'Lyng"xox: Ya, had been enjoyin every second here..its just awesome..every second, thank God

joe said...

man. this is TOOO good. do not be misled. hahahaha. awesome room man. n itz free rite?

Anonymous said...

hahaha yes indeed this is good aaron! and don't misled other girls when you wear your blazer! you look good! =)

Hope you are enjoying yourself and all. take care and till we meet again =)