Thursday, October 22, 2009



Ya, so last weekend (17th Oct), was in Venice..hehe.We were there together with Pui, Carmen, Lukman and 2 girls..Friends from France and Germany, took leaves and use it to enjoy themselves to the fullest around Italy..sorry ppl for not being able to bring u all around, instead of us guiding u all to Venice, instead, u ppl r the ones bringing us in Italy around in Venice..haha.But anyway, special thanks to Pui, Carmen and Lukman for planning and preparing the details includin the hostel in Venice..

So, am gonna divide this topic to few posts..LOL, too much to write and show I think..hehe.Well anyway, you all know Venice rite? Built on over 115 islands that are divided into two main sections by the aptly named Grand Canal..Venice is one of the most photographed, filmed and famous cities in the world. You won't find any traffic jams here (at least not on land) as cars and motor vehicles are banned from the city centre.

So here we are, at Venice, a pic taken in front of the beautiful bridge near the port..

This is the pic of boats and the water at the port, where ppl can take the boar along the Canal Grande to diff places on the island..

The macho guys not afraid of water..haha

One of the ponte (Bridge) taken on the boat..

Along the Canal Grande

This is how the port looks like..ppl waiting to board the boat..

Btw, we are going to Murano..its a separate island..famous for its glass friends, the girls especially, were so into the glass necklace, deco that every shop that sells glass souvenirs, they stopped..haha

Pic taken on the way to glass factory in Murano Island.. :)

Pui asked me to take his pic, guess he likes glass too! You will be fascinated of how they make glass, if you wan to know, i think can google it out..but anyway, from sand and minerals, burn at high temperature, shape it when its hot and let it cold..i

Glass souvenirs..

While the girls were choosing and lookin at souvenirs, Pui and I went and take pics around n thanks to him for the ice cream.

So stay tuned for nxt post bout San Marco in Venice..hehe


reanaclaire said...

hey..didnt show the ice cream u ate? gellato... hahaha... the glass thing, last time i seen it in toronto, how they did.. quite interesting.. but i think the souveniors are more interesting.. so did the girls buy anything? must be pretty expensive.. btw, u look very yeng with the black specs on! hahahaa...

kenwooi said...

wah.. so envy laahhhhhh..!!!