Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hey ppl!

Praise God, have already reached Italy safely on 730am (2 Oct)..Had a very very long journey..12 hours..fuhhh...Now in office, the only time I get to online because internet is not provided in the room. Well, I am in Florence now..very sorry for not updating, but this is what I would like to share with you all..Let the pics do the talking..Haha

3 of us ( Yusuf, Hui Xuan and myself ) in KLIA before checking in..Happy faces :)

Our journey started at 110am, malaysian time, so was very dark, nothing much to see..and when woke up, its already morning, means reaching Rome d..Woohoo..Like this pic, the sunrise

Yusuf and me outside the plane..Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, Rome

Then, we took TrenItalia from the airport to Rome Termini (like KL sentral). The journey was around 40mins and here we are, Roma. Outside the train station..Many cars, many people, many shops..Once reached, you will see Pizza d..haha

In front of Santa Maria Maggiore. The Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore is the largest church in Rome to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Inside the church. A mass is going on but many visitors inside too..The structure, carvings, is beautiful..
Eurostar train, a very comfortable train..took this train from Roma Termini to Firenze Santa Maaria Novella station (Florence) in just 1 hour 30mins..Cost us 42 euro's per person.

For the first night, we went couldnt find any place for dinner as it was around 9pm when we went out..Shops here close early, so we came to this bar to grab some bacon and cheese bread..Haha..5 euro's for two

So blessed..Each of us were given our own room..In the room it has another room for beds, a small kitchen, a toilet and a living hall with TV..So I got 2 beds, sleep like a King..Haha..Anyone wanna come tumpang??

That's all from me for now..WIll update often, will try..Haha..Do stay in touch ta..Better get off to work before boss comes..Ciao!!


Gabriel said...

so nice huh! hehe...yea, better get off to work before boss comes. all the best and enjoy ur time there!

reanaclaire said... i wish I am there too!!!! i dont mind being the cleaner lady for free... hahaha... yes, the church seems very authentic and heritage, u will see a lot of these in England too.. everywhere also statues... do post up more pics soon please! :)

DiF View said...

wow. this is so nice, friend.

farhazoeLa said...

bestnye kau ni Lai.
anyway, under the same company u going to Italy? or UTP send u there?
im not clear with that~

谢君龙 said...

Cool Bro, nice to hear that you reached safe there. haha(^o^)..
Nice scene.. haha
take care there yo~

To Glorify Him said...

Gabriel: Haha..its best here, especially the atmoshphere and weather and seeing different type of people around you..

Mum:Haha, just fly here anytime, no need to clean the can??? Just come here n relax.U pay for the flight, others

Dif View: Yea, bro..this is relli nice here..share more pics with you..keep checking my blog

Farha: LOL..its send by the same here am I!

Anonymous said...

hey lat..good to hear that u arrive safely and having lots of fun over there.
keep in touch and add me in skype! im been waiting la bro