Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yo! So, last saturday (10 Oct), was another weekend for us in Florence..When weekend comes, definitely it will be going somewhere to tour and visit rite? So this time, we went to Pisa..It wasn't a plan before this, the idea just came on Friday itself, and ya, so we decided on the spot to go the next day..

Ticket to Pisa cost us around 6.50 euro and its one hour journey by train..

Me at the train station in Florence..while waiting for the train

Standing beside the train..Trenitalia

At the streets in Pisa..it was raining when we arrived..We thought we couldn't make it to Pisa tower, but thank God, he stopped the rain while we were there..

It was taken on one of the bridges linking Pisa Central Station to Pisa tower..we walked there and the journey took us 30minutes

Here we are..can you see leaning tower? It's not a camera effect, mind you

Basically, the whole place is like a enclosed area, where there are few structures in there..They have the Catthedrale, Battistero, Torre, Camposanto Monumentale, Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Museo delle Sinopie, Mura medievali.

The pisa tower and the cathedral

Torre and me

An accidental knock on the tower..LOL

A different pose at the tower...haha, nothing to do..

Yusuf, posing..trying to act cool as well..

Hui Xuan wanted that as the background..mebe bcos of the european style and buildings and people

Me, in front of the Catthedrale

And lastly, thanks to this man, someone who was there, he took for us a group photo..yay!

Roughly, that's our Saturday..we spend almost the whole afternoon in Pisa..It's a nice place to be definitely with the posing and you can see it real with ur eyes..the leaning tower.


reanaclaire said...

i like the elbow pic.. hahaha.. i didnt know my son was so "strong" in Italy... yes, europe has a lot of these cathedral buildings like, all strong pilings... something so different from our country, right? yusoff certainly looked like Mr Cool.. hahaha...

Pui said...

Wow... great pictures.. aaron. the knock pic is nice .. haha,

hx pick wrong place as background la.

Gabriel said...

haha....using your big forehead to knock the tower down huh? hehe...just joking. very creative pics! can become professional model already. LOL.

To Glorify Him said...

Mum:Ya, ur son here very strong..can push back the building.lol..yeap, definitely here in europe is much diff from msia..

Pui: yea bro, the head now injured..lol..jk..see u this weekend ya!

Gabriel: haha, have become an italian model here..u dunno tht??

ChArL3n3 said...

-_-!! hebat sungguh.. LOL.. So, a knock on the tower caused the existense of leaning tower? Are u in the history book? haha.

pui : why hx take wrong background wor?

Anonymous said...

wahhh i on the other hand din know aaron is such a poser! good shots tho! Glad you are enjoying yourself. You are where you are supposed to be. Its all in GOd's big plan. Enjoy yourself and continue to be a blessing to others there =)

William said...

Lucky man! You got to travel to Italy. It is a beautiful country and I simply love their art. Make sure you see everything b4 returning.
Oh, just be careful with all your belongings. Many snatch thieves there.

kenwooi said...

eh cool!
remember souvenirs =)
enjoy your stay!


To Glorify Him said...

Charlene: Am i in history book?maybe in the coming version, i will b thr..haha..anyway, ya, she likes tht background,ask me to take..

jiunnli:LOL, became a poser when come to italy..but kinda bad posed..need to learn more and try more..ya, have been enjoying myself a lots here..and now its so cold..

William: thanks for dropping by! ya, will take care of myself and at the same time enjoy to the fullest..haha

kenwooi: souvenirs??mebe bring the air back, now is so cold..