Friday, November 6, 2009


Hey!!! How are you all doing there??Just reply me through the comments..hehe..want to know how are you all doing, or mail/chat wit me also can.

Anyway, want to share with you some of the pics of Florence which I went around during my past weekends..Actually, last Sun(1/11), I went to Siena, but didnt have time to transfer the pics yet, but anyhow, these pics were taken on 25th Oct..Went for lunch first, then walked up to Piazzale Michelangelo, and I am sure you all know who is he right? At least you all have seen him before somewhere..hahaha

Piazzale Michelangelo was built in 1869 to plans by Giuseppe Poggi; it offers a splendid panorama of the city. But before that, while we were walking, took some random shots which I would like to share as well..

Myself at Piazza Della Repubblica..Piazza is a square, a big and huge place where people walk, gather..You will see a lot of Piazza in Italy..

My colleague frm Msia, Thileg, giving some donation, because he wants to take pic with him..haha

And while u were walkin on the streets, u will see these drawings around..some are realli 3D..but its awesome art isnt it?

This is what you call "Gelato"...yum yum..melt at your tongue..

Horse carriage..

And here we are, 5 of us, walking pass Ponte can u not take photo if u pass this place..haha

Myself, and the Ponte Vecchio (bridge)

This picture is nice, but the cranes spoilt the view..

On the way up to Piazzale a while first..hehe

The way...

The climb is tough, but the view is great (adapated from Hanna Montana)...

Myself on the hill top..hehehe

Hui xuan, Yusuf, Thileg and Rizal..huhu..can u see the difference? All with glasses but 2 with normal specs, 2 with shades..

The Ricasoli people...hehe..Ricasoli is where we stay..LOL

Am sure, you all know him..hehe

Another one, taken at Piazza Della Signoria, another replication of Michelangelo..

See the number of people at downtown..crazy huh..I took this pic at Duomo, the big dome..the church


Gabriel said...

hmm...why u like to take pic with people's bud de? hehe...

huixuan said...

he took with every angle leh... front, back and both sides
pity me, have to take for him so many times with the same thing hahaha =D

reanaclaire said...

haha.. Gab.. aaron always like to do some natural snapshot..he looking at the sky behind people's butt... hahaha.. so Hxuan is the photographer? yeah pity u..ask him to belanja u gellato..
OK, going for cell group now.. talk to u later.. God Bless!

Raymond said...

Aaron Lai, the luckiest guy ever among all the COP people I've known...
Seems like all of ur posts since u went overseas are about travelling and food.. no work there huh? I thought u intern?? lol... XP

To Glorify Him said...

Gabriel: Haha, only his bud wo..Got others meh??Sound so wrong..LOL

Hui xuan: LOL, thanks 4 taking the pics tho..indirectly, you have to see all his parts and from different angles also..hehe..5 marks for you for improvement in photography skills..haha

Mum: Your son has been very natural all this while..hehe..Haha, Gelato makes ppl fat, not good not good..

Raymond: Haha, now strugglin lo, in office..keep thinking, but then weekend sure must go out n take God, not by luck but His blessings..thank God! Am sure, you will enjoy ur internship too!

kenwooi said...

is it getting colder there?
will it snow soon? =)

ChArL3n3 said...

LOL, seriously, i forgot who is that fella.. Hehehe.. But nice pic there.. :P hx can become professional photographer soon :D LOL!

renae said...

gelato is yummy! it's great seeing you enjoying yourself so much.

take care!

Anonymous said...

aaron!!! haaha. I see that you're enjoying yerself very much :)

p.s. I left you an msn message cos I didn't see you online nowadays ;)


joe said...

lol aaron... ponte vecchio... just sounds so cool when u say it. haha. anyways wad's up with u n miley cyrus???

joe said...

btw, did u get to visit the palazzo vecchio?

To Glorify Him said...

kenwooi: Haha ya fren! Its getting colder, coming to winter soon..not sure whether it will snow or not..

Wensher:Michelangelo..quite famous leh..hehe..u must come see him then

Renae:Ya wei, gelato makes me fat each day..sighhh

pittoresquemot: Hehe, definitely enjoying here wei..cant online msn cos they blocked blocked..cannot chat :(

Joe: Hey bro..yap! I know where it is but didnt go inside..think must pay..byt outside looks good..palace i think

joe said...

yup yup... u not on gtalk? is it near the ponte? itz the palace.. u could c a memorial of niccolo machiavelli in there tho