Monday, November 16, 2009

A Day in Rome (Colosseum, Piazza Venezia,Roman Forum)-Part 2

So, continue from the previous post on Rome..After Vatican City, we caught a bus to Piazza Venezia..okay, what's this place about?? Its at the central of Rome and the former embassy in the city of Republic of Venice.
Piazza the middle of Rome..nice isn't it?
And before going in, we saw this couple taking pics for their would you wanna come here for your wedding pics??I can be your photographer tho, or maybe you can contact Gabriel Houng..He is a free of charge photgrapher btw, and he is super pro..

On top of Piazza Venezia..
Taken up on top of Piazza Venezia..can you spot the Colosseum from here??hehe
Okay, then after Piazza Venezia, we came to this place called the Roman Forum..It is te heart of the city's commercial, political and social goings-on thousands tears ago..
Well, you can't visit Rome without going to the Colosseum..Nothing beats settling your eyes on this building for the very first time..It's the home to brutal battles between man and the beast, the Colosseum is an imposing building and is Ancient Rome's most symbolic.

Need to walk around 10 mins from Roman Forum to Colosseum..

Colosseum pics..
We didn't enter as you need to pay 10 euro's and according to my friends, its like old structure, nothing much to see inside..unless they have some battles, then maybe would go in..But anyhow, its just fascinating if you could come and see this Rome wonder yourself..Don't Miss!!
Ciao..I think i will update on another part of rome..maybe next week k..till then see ya :)


huixuan said...

eh never thank the person who took so many photos for you.... lol

To Glorify Him said...

huixuan: LOL...siapa? I took myself k..hahaha

Gabriel said...

free of charge for other people maybe; for you, i think i will charge double. or triple? :P anyway, not pro la, just shoot for fun ny. nice la the place...but all building only hoh? good enough for buildings lover like you huh? hehe....

kenwooi said...

would you recommend us to go to rome? =P

reanaclaire said...

wah... i didnt know about this new post la.. u better change the date to 16th leh...
I love the pullover..hahaa..
yes, this roman building is the famous one.. last time daniel was put there with the lions..right?
and bruce lee last movie was there too... enter the dragon movie.. :)
love the pics... keep them coming, son!

Anonymous said...

aaron! missing you! we always talk about you whenever the cg members get together!

love all the photos and i really hope i can get there one day =(. Take care ok?

To Glorify Him said...

Gabriel: Haha, ya, rome here is all about the historical places..but mostly old structures, counting off the gelato's and food..haha

Wei Ken: Ya wei, i think Rome is a must place when you come least once and you can tour it in one day..

Mum:Thanks! Haha..ur son whut..hehe.Anyway, those shows were directed here b4??Didnt will upload more day by day..

JiunnLi: Hey! Ya, long time didnt here from u all oso..hope to meet u all when back to KL..ya, dun worry, one day, am sure you will have the chance to come here, n then u will take lotsa pics too :)

Pui said...

wow, nice picture, aaron..
sure enjoy a lot a...

ChArL3n3 said...

hahaa, pui, u see his big smile also know he sure enjoy a lot la... rite rite?

joe said...

my fren. all the pictures look so cool. one day i'd like to go 2 italy oso =D

*Small~Boar* said...

soooo nice... jelezzzzz =P

Livvy said...

Dear Aaron (whomever you may be, hopefully it's not too late): go to LUZERN (what's the english name?)!

1. take pic with that famous lion statue.

2. feed the pretty swans!

3. ride that boat ride, jaga2 don't lantak the big kapal

4. swiss ice cream is a must!

5. GET YOURSELF AN AUTHENTIC SWISS ARMY KNIFE! (not the made-in-china one, and get your name carved on it) Survey the stores around Luzern. I can't remember the name of the store but they can carve your name on the knive free of charge unlike other places. The simplest one costs ~ 13.95 euro including carving, in that place. Some places charge you an additional ~ 2 or more euro for carving your name. survey! survey! survey!


i can't remember the exact location, but remember it was a chocolate/candy store somewhere near this one fancy restaurant. all i can remember is it was owned by a really polite family (they were probably polite because your pocket is jingling with money) and they gave you chocolate samples that they have in there.

you HAVE to get your hands one of those Alprose brand chocolate, if you haven't already, the brand claims that it is the "finest swiss chocolate" and they REALLY mean it!

You can get 10 chocolate bars (flavors sorted at random, I think) for 12 Euro. I think that's a pretty good bargain. And please please please, get more than one! You'll regret it if you don't. It can also be a nice souvenir to love ones, including your parents ok! (don't give anything to olli :P)

the chocolate melts the moment it touches your tongue, shamelessly seducing you and taming your wild side as it slowly travel down your the good days...

7. Listen to the free concerts near the pretty river at sun down, you won't be disappointed! And you have to check out the guys tandas near the stage. nothing special but it's worth peeking into. lol

8. and lastly, don't be surprise if you see so many Indon tourists there. ^^

this tip was from my friend. enjoy your time in swiss

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