Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Day in Rome (Part 1-Vatican City)

Ciao! Bonjourno..Come stai? Haha, these are some of the very basic italian that i other two friends, Yusuf and Hui Xuan speaks much better italian than I do..really admire them for their effort to learn and practice them..haha..

Oh ya, so for last weekend, went to Rome for a day trip..Took a train ride, cheapest one which cost 32.20 euro for both ways..Departed from Florence at 645am and reached Rome Termini at 11am..There aren't many cities in world like Roma. No matter which way you turn you set your eyes on imposing monuments, dramatic statues or lavish fountains..hehe..

When we reached there, we grabbed a bus to Piazza San Pietro..Piazza San Pietro is the middle and the centre of Vatican City..Let me bring you a tour of Vatican City..

Before entering St.Peter's, the first thing that strickes you is the square and the number of detailed statues which overlook in the square.

The front view is the Piazza San Pietro..pic taken in front of St.Peter's Basilica..

In front of a fountain..Reminds me of the show angels and demons..hehe

Here I am, with the background of St.Peter's Basilica..

St.Peter's Basilica.

The swiss guards..really serious..

Before entering the church..

And when you come in, can see the mosaics all around..Amazed...

The list of Pope's...

So, ya, this is Vatican City..wasn't able to visit the Museum and Sistine Chapel..admission is 13 euro tho..hehe, and we were in hurry to catch our next destination..Piazza Venezia, Colossuem, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon..Check out and follow the blog ya..

Ciao! Grazie..Arrivederci


Gabriel said...

so nice beautiful the place. haha...

joe said...

whoa... nice. just like wad u c in Angels and Demons. =) but isn't the vatican not a part of rome technically?

reanaclaire said...

eh sei... mum here is gaping all these pics in awe.. (mouth opened wide) thinking when I can go visit all these ... there are so many places that are amazing to us... I wish one day we can cover as many places as we can... can ah, son?

Raymond said...

man... so envy!!! >.<
exactly like the ones in 'Angels & Demons', beautifully stunning~

To Glorify Him said...

Gabriel: Haha, yeap, Vatican City has its own uniqueness..will upload more on rome soon..

Joe: Ya, Vatican City is a country by itself if not mistaken but its located in Rome itself..a very small city..

Mum: Yea, mum..I will upload more pics on Rome..Ya, very amazing indeed..lets plan for another vacation soon..we can come europe anytime..hehe

Raymond: Its relli exactly like angels and demons..if you come, more stunning.. :)

Raymond said...

cis... that's if I could go... >_<

kenwooi said...


ChArL3n3 said...

Woah~ O_O @_@ ( )_( ) LOL! Nice place, nice picture, nice ppl.. So that's the building over there huh.. Lookz nice. All tall tall one, surely make ppl amazed by them. Take more nice buildings ar, and enjoy urself! Take care!

Anonymous said...

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