Friday, November 27, 2009

Okay, lets continue with Zurich, we r still in switz..hehe..journey with me..
When we reached, it was around 1pm already..really a long journey, without wasting much time, we met up with Pui..Put our bags in the hostel, and off we go out to different places..
Welcome to Zurich city..
Acting busy on phone..ahaha
Bahnhofstrasse, City Centre..zurich's premiere shopping can find shops include everything from Hugo Boss to Claire's (my mum's shop). Everything are available along the streets..just make sure enough money..hehe
Can spot Pui and Hui xuan??Haha..both kan cheong to shop..very loaded they all..hehe
Taken in front of Zurich Hauptbahnhof station..both the largest and busiest station in Switzerland..
Mum, your shop!since when you open a branch here in switz..
Okay, after some shopping, and satisfaction of buying, we went to Uteilberg. It's the highest peak in Zurich's immediate surroundings stretching up to 814 metres or 2671 feet. can see the alpine setting from here..
Aiks, on purpose..
On the way up the hill..need to hike, sigh..for 10 minutes..tiring..
Tiga orang..
Okay, this is Pui's idea..he asked a stranger "Excuse me sir, can we borrow your son for a while, wanna take picture with him" funny
Can see the alps from here??

And then we climb up to a tower, its very high, wind is blowing strong, legs are trembling, hands are shaking, but still manage to capture some pics..

Took from the tower..
Catch up on the following post k..gonna be bout Zurich in the nite..hehe


huixuan said...

why you post the fat photos of me? haha can change? didn't edit before uploading? =p

tiring switzerland trip... but worth it

huixuan said...

perche perche perche?

Gabriel said...

aaron, you smiled like a pedophile....pity the child. :D

kenwooi said...

lol.. claire's.. =P

To Glorify Him said...

Hui Xuan: Hmmm, sorry a, already uploaded..too bad..

Gabriel: yea, i realised too..but nvm la..haha..pui's fren..

Wei Ken: haha, my mum shop..dunno when she opened

Pui said...

Nice pics .. haha

It was a fun and memorable trip. :)

reanaclaire said...

B, so u have been to my shop..did u ask them to give discount or perhaps free? did u get anything from there for me? hehehee. sure high end.. super expensive...
u er...very noti ah..cover her face... Gab, what say u? r u that noti too?
anyway, happy to see u r really enjoying yourself... more to come?

Livvy said...

soooooo nice!!!

Gabriel said...

no ler, i am very good boy. I don't cover people's faces one, the most i don't include them in the pics only. hehehhee....

ChArL3n3 said...

Wah, gab even worst la, not including ppl in his pic. Ish ish~ Lol, auntie claire, aaron no need to ask them to give discount or freebies. The staff there already recognize him. I'm sure the staff there will send something for you :P hor hor?

Huixuan, i think perhaps aaron did edit the picture. Edit you become fatter :P wakakakaka..!

joe said...

hahaha. hui xuan gain weight dy. =P

To Glorify Him said...

Pui: Ya man, see u this weekend for another nice one..huhu

Mum:Haha, didnt enter that shop..too many to think, the next round, u need to come..and u can shop till drop..i m good, nt naughty..haha

Olivia: thanks 4 the suggestion last time, but din go to Lucerne, ended up in zurich..hehe, nice

Gabriel: no comments..dun include is so sad..

Wensher: Haha, i din edit..maybe camera fault..mebe

Josiah:Cant agree as i m here, i want to go back in one piece :)

huixuan said...

=( i have to start diet now... else go back malaysia will look as round as a ball

joe said...

lol... cmon la, xuan... just joking only la wei... u still look very thin la. must eat more then come back look better. hehe

ben said...

great photos looks like everyone is having fun, been to S-land years ago beautiful country and reall so are the Alps. enjoy my memories there as much as i enjoy the scent of hugo boss perfume and colonges