Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yay people! Came back from Zurich on sunday night..Went there practically for our weekend together with Hui Xuan,Pui, Carmen and her family..All met at the middle, Zurich , Switzerland..For us in Italy, it took us practically around 8 hours train ride..long isnt't it? Well, need to sacrifice the pain if wanna enjoy..LOL

So, Zurich is Switzerland's largest city..It is ideally situated in a picturesque alpine setting..Talking about alps, its realli amazing, people..Although I didn't have the time and money to spend more on ski-ing, and playing with snows, but its great enough to have 3 hours ride in train seeing the alps along the journey..will share with you some pics which I took while on train ride..not so clear, but can see I think..hahaha

View from the train...
Can u spot the snow??

Here you are, can see?hehe..
When I saw those alps, with my own eyes, I was in awe..Amazing, my mouths were wide open..wow! Reflects how great, how artistic our God is..
I will want to stay here one day..do u want??Haha
goodbye switz..pic taken when leaving back to italy..leaving alps..sigh..
Okay, I will come back here to ski again..who wanna join? Who wanna pay for me also??I direct you the way for free..hehe..stay tuned, will upload more on Zurich City..


huixuan said...

italy also has snow mountains... francesco told me that.... can go there ski

reanaclaire said...

wow... i also like... ooooooo... B, why dont we sell all our assets and lets go touring till our money habis??? maybe we get a hut there where we can stay for the rest of our lives.. good idea? :p

waiting for more pics... quick , quick!!

ChArL3n3 said...

Fuiseh~ Finally i get to see switzerland.. has been hearing about it and really, woah, nice view. Seems very tranquil. If able to lie down on the green green grass or running around while enjoying the cooling air and breathtaking view, that's great! So nice you've been there before. Is it very quiet and peaceful over there? :P

I wan ski!.. (Looking for sponsors too :P) Aaron, this one can be the sponsorship pledgefor ski ady ahaha!

Faster update :D

kenwooi said...

so envious la.. lol..
very nice scene! =D


To Glorify Him said...

Hui xuan: ooo, really, u serious?

Mum: Haha, sure can, lets sell all..we live by faith then..dun think got hut, but we can back pack..

Wen sher: yap..here is so peaceful, clean and tranquil..feel like coming back again...u be my sponsor??pay for everything????

Wei Ken: hehe, u free d..grad d..shuld come..

ChArL3n3 said...

hahaha, sponsor ah? more like tai yi long got lar. :P Nono, i pay your air ticket, then as u say, backpack to there la ha.. ahaha!

joe said...

wow... nice nice. u didn't go up 2 the mountains??

Pui said...

aaron, I wan join.. haha