Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lets Wallop!

Hehe..My title says it all..this post is all about food, not all but some of the interesting meals and delicacies which I had eaten in KL here so far..That's why people like me can add weight in just a short span of time..Is it good or bad news? Eat while you can rite..Its blessings :)

From Nando's:

Quarter chicken with mixed fries and grilled vegetable. Its only RM15..

Quarter chicken with mixed fries and potato salad.

From Chili's:

Bottomless Tostada Chips..

Forgot what's the name of this dish..It's a grilled chicken served together with mashed potato and vegetables..Recommended!

This is Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers..It's extra crispy tossed in the smokey honey chipotle sauce..Wonderful!

And of course, one of the good thing in Malaysia at this time is DURIANS!! Promoting XO durians, and many more at SS2..The pic below was taken at a shop in SS2..It has a website, you can google ss2 durians and you can see all types of it there..Hehe

ss2 Durians:

We were so indulged in it until no time looking at the camera..Haha (in the pic from left: myself, Jo and Billy)

Well, we cant resist durians and guess what, we came again on the other night for buffet durian at another shop in ss2..5 guys walloping a basket of durians..That's cool, isn't it? Hehe..

Anyway, that's all for now, definitely will update more again..Btw, thanks to Gabriel, Jo, Billy and others too for walloping and hanging out together :)


yongkim said...

ken see, kenot eat. most torturing part to visit ur blog.

ahhaa... jk kia. XD

To Glorify Him said...

Lol..hehe..then lets go makan one day..ahaha :)

Chee Wei said...

hiya.. thanks for dropping by and your comments too :D

kenwooi said...

yummy yummy! =)

p/s: aaron, please remove my blog link from your blog list.. and add again.. coz the feed link has changed since i migrated to wordpress! the link you added is no longer usable coz it's the old blogspot link! thanks! =)

tennisgirl said...

me hungry
have fun