Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Genting Outing

Yay! Had a great and wonderful trip to Genting last weekend (8/8) with some uni friends in KL...It has been quite a while since I last went there..I still remembered, my last trip to Genting was with another group of great young people which is my school band, MMB..That time, I was only form 3, and we were invited there for 3 days performance..Was cool that time! Well, this time was also superb, thanks to another crazy yet great group of friends..One of the very good moments to cherish is that we ran from Pasar Seni LRT station to Pudu Bus station in 5mins..Great isn't it?Haha..Suppose to be early, but we are "too" punctual..The whole bus was waiting for 8 of us..Haha..Even before go Genting also sweat already.

We reached Genting around 9am..Start
ed to take pictures at random places..Time was so precious, that Hui Xuan, Kee Siong, Wei Kiat, Wen Sher and me started buying theme park tickets whereas Winnie, Dody and Thean Jern went to the casino..Ok, let the pictures tell you the story...

The whole group when we just reached. (From left: Wen Sher, Hui Xuan, Wei Ni, Dody, Kee Siong, Me, Wei Kiat and Thean Jern)

Outside first world hotel (From left: Wei Kiat, Kee Siong, Hui Xuan, Me, Dody, Wei Ni and Wen Sher)

Pirate Ship. We sat two times and enjoyed the shouting through the ride..Haha..The girls shouted in a very high pitch..

Me and the space shot..It provides an exciting G-force on the way up and feeling of weightlessness on the way down..Must try for those who have no faint heart :)

Bumper Boat..Its like bumper car, but this is on water..Cool!

After Sungai Rejang Flume Ride..That's why we are wet..Going for Thunder Mines Train :)

Taken in Theme Park Hotel..

Overall, this trip and outing is fun! Sat most of the thril rides from Pirate Ship to Space Shot and even Antique Car..Haha..Thanks friends for the time and the willingsness of going out as well..See you Genting..Coming back soon!


reanaclaire said...

so shiok... this is the time to enjoy! happy to see u all had a good time..

kenwooi said...

go genting din ajak la..
bad bad buddy.. lol


To Glorify Him said...

Mum: Yeap! We should go one day..Long time we haven't go already also.. :)

kenwooi: Lol, bro sorry la wei..this time went with some uni friends..still remember the performances we had up thr