Sunday, August 8, 2010

Relax While They Print

The other day my personal computer nearly "crashed." If it really did, the first thing I feared and worried was the photos! They are very sentimental to me, my travels overseas, my friends, special occasions of my loved ones, they are all inside the hard drive. Now after this incident, I am taking some precaution. I am going to develop them into hard copies and keep in the photo albums. But being a University student, I find it a hassle to go downtown to get them developed. Thanks to my blogger friend, I know about eoe online photo printing. She told me all about this Malaysian website whereby I can just upload my photos into their site, click on the sizes and number of copies I needed, pay by credit card or banking in to their account and presto! All these photos will be delivered unto my doorstep within three days!!

As for the rates, their price is very-very reasonable, I dare say, it is even cheaper than the shops near my area. For a 4R print, it is only RM0.30 and RM0.50 for a 5R print. Isn't that cheap?

Well, this is really a blesssing... now I can develop any photos I needed without going downtown. I can just do everything here online. Isn't that GREAT? YES! Thanks to eoe Online!


reanaclaire said...

Yes, cheap and convenient too!

smallkucing said...

i like it too. Will kumpul the photos till get rm35. Just hope the promotion wont end so soon yet.