Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Automotive Repairs

Have you ever thought of getting yourself a Year 2001 Honda Civic? It is a compact car developed and manufactured by Honda. The 2001 Honda Civic is the seventh generation of Honda.Actually this car is pretty good, and has good pick up, transmission and performance. Some people have drive it up to more than 100, 000 miles and its still in a perfect condition.

However, this car faces some problem. One of it is the head gasket problem. The gasket is located between the engine;s cylinder head and block. Its function is to keep pressure contained within the engine's cylinder and seal for internal engine. It often fails due to overheated engine and also aging. An early sign would be a rough running engine when you first start the vehicle. If you con't change oil and coolant might leak from engine.

But don't worry. Los Angeles Auto Repair could help you out in this. It should be replaced as soon the problem arises. During this repair, the cylinder head gasket will be inspected and machined. These mechanics could be found all around Los Angeles and they would be able to help you out on this matter.


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