Monday, January 10, 2011

Skiing at YongPyong Resort

Well, I'm gonna show you one of the very interesting activities to do in Korea which is skiing. Haha. So part of our tour itinerary, we were brought to this skiing place called YongPyong Ski Resort. So you might be thinking, what would people be doing here. Well, practically they come to ski, enjoy the beautiful snowy scenery and to see one of Winter Sonata highlights because some parts are shot here...Those Winter Sonata fans out there, I guess you know what I mean.

YongPyong Ski Resort

Mum and sister

A family picture together

Looks like we are all geared up for the ski. Haha

Ohhh yes, I m ready to fall! Haha


Oops, sorry bro. I have to upload your picture because I didnt capture my fall. haha

Play until sweat...Please build up your stamina first, if not will end up like me. After an hour, you get tired and fed up. Haha

So, next time if you all managed to come to Korea, try this place. For more info, you can see in this website.

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ken said...

so nice get to ski on snow!