Thursday, November 18, 2010

A BBQ Gathering

Semester is coming to a close, in another one week or so, I am going to leave this place, my second home for five years already. Gosh, time really flies, doesn’t it?
Wanting to make the most of it, my church decided to have a BBQ gathering as farewell last week. We held it in our church, just a short distance away from our college. The most important item to have for a BBQ is the fire grill set, right? Thanks to my uncle, he brought one complete set in January this year and have been keeping it since. Now is the time to take it out for usage again but to my astonishment, the BBQ fire grill set seems to be spoilt. Upon enquiring from my friends, the barbeque set needs to have proper BBQ Grill Covers to protect against rusting and exposure.
Anyway, our BBQ gathering was a great success, everyone had a good time and of course, a good feast as well. All the food were finished up fast and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. What matters now is the BBQ set, it is good in invest in a good complete set that comes with Large Grill Covers. Not only it serves well, I am sure many of us would love our food to be more hygienic in every way, so why not pay a bit more to get the best BBQ set!

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