Friday, September 3, 2010

Fearless, Max Lucado

In this book Max Lucado shared the things in life that lead us to fear. Each day, fear comes into our lives in the form of insecurities through financial, safety, family and life itself. We fear failing others and failing to fulfill expectations and standards of the world. Fear starts from tiny doubt, that was fed with lack of faith that things will be better.

Max had brought and reasoned with us through this book, that fear can be confronted by faith. Max reasoned that everyday we still have God to put our faith onto. A God who will provide, forgives, loves and gives chance.

Other than that, fear should be confronted, not to evade or escape from.Like an alarm clock, in insecurities, that is the moment that we can see God's wonder in our lives.
In fact the threats in life should be faced with faith, not fear. Put your faith in God and everything will be in good hands. Towards the end, things will work. If it doesn't, then it is not the end.

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